Herbs and Foods that Help Improve Prostate Health 

According to various plant medicine research there are herbs that safely and effectively curb a number of prostate conditions. 

   Here’s a list of herbs that help improve prostate health.

•Saw Palmetto – alters hormone levels that affect size

•Astaxanthin –Rrare antioxidant that boosted the effect of saw palmetto against an enzyme linked to prostate growth

•Rosemary – strong antioxidant and stops abnormal tumor growths and cancer cells

•Stinging Nettles – high antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds that reduce prostate size

•Beta Sitosterol – naturally found in plant foods helps reduce symptoms including urination flow 

•Turmeric extract – anti-inflammatory and effective in stopping the growth of cancer cells

•Zinc – suppresses enlargement and boost essential minerals needed for cell growth

•Pygeum – (African plum Tree Bark) decreases night urination and improves bladder 


•Rye Grass Pollen Extract- 3 pollens that help reduce pain and ongoing swelling.

•Astragalus – reduces PSA (a protein in the blood that often indicates prostate cancer)

•Red clover – Clover is packed with isoflavones helps drop PSA levels

•Ginger- Slows abnormal cell growth and ultimately causes them to self destruct

•Boron – proven to reduce prostate cancer risk as well as lowering PSA levels 

•Shatavari – lowers estrogen levels reduce inflammation a 

Foods that also help improve prostate health include: Fish, berries, vegetables, leafy greens whole grains, and other healthy foods. Including one Americans love: Tomatoes. Tomatoes are rich in nutrients closely related to vitamin A. They’re called “carotenoids.” And one of them – lycopene – is a key prostate booster. Cooked tomatoes are even healthier .