G.O.D. Wins Best Screenplay at the 2020 American Black Film Festival!

On Sunday August 30 hometown filmmaker Addison Henderson  earned the win for Best Screenplay at the 2020 American Black Festival  for his NightOwl Republic film G.O.D. (Givers of Death), an apocalyptic urban sci-fi tale  he shot in the city of Buffalo about an entire city’s quest for peace amidst the chaos of a pandemic. 

Henderson not only wrote but also directed and starred in the film. In his virtual acceptance speech he didn’t hesitate to shout out his beloved

Filmmaker Addison Henderson 

city.   “The whole journey to making this film was a healing process for me, I wrote this movie as meditation for those of us who’ve experienced great loss and question the meaning to our lives… I wrote it for you , I wrote it for me” He humbly thanked his cast and crew for their strength  and pulling him through  unsurmountable tasks along with his mother Dianna Henderson a former politician, now writer and motivational speaker and his father Bishop William Henderson, a well known historian and former longtime pastor of the Historical Michigan Street Baptist Church.  “This is for my parents, my  father the original story teller in my life and my mom the rock who always and still pushes me to greatness, this is for my homeland my City Buffalo NY, where the snow blows heavy and the pain runs deep…thank you for giving me soul.”  

Henderson , also a fitness trainer, wrote the film during downtime while working with Chadwick Boseman on 21 bridges. He brought the production of his first feature  film home, to the City of Buffalo, hiring local cast and crew to complete the project. The filmmaker says he has plenty of stories about Buffalo to tell.  Congratulations Addison! You’ve made your city and the community proud! We’re Here For It All!

The Film G.O.D. Givers of Death is 97 minutes long, Writer Director Producer Addison Henderson was supported by Producers Leah. Cohen-Mays, Mac Cappuccino, Trent Boling.  The cast includes Jonathan Sterritt (GOING NOWHERE), Lou Lombardi (THE SOPRANOS, 24), JJ Alfieri (CLOVER) and Lagralane principals Jason Delane Lee (CRIMINAL MINDS) and Yvonne Huff Lee (LUCKY). 

The production team is looking to secure distribution for the film. 

There will be a local screening of the film  in Buffalo September 24 at the Transit Drive- In ( details to come)

Follow @nightowlrepublicfilm@bolingentertainment and addisonhenderson.com for updates. 

Below are a few snapshots of the G.O.D. behind the scene from Night Owl Republic Films IG page  Click here to View G.O.D. Movie Trailer