Black Beans Matter

LIVING  STRONG! Ankh wedja seneb:  “Be alive, strong &  healthy!

Well if you don’t believe it, you will after you read the 15 health benefits of those gorgeous ebony powerhouse black beans. They can be enjoyed in many ways, like in chili, tossed into salads, as a side dish, or if you are having taco Tuesdays at your house add black beans! 

Packed with minerals and vitamins, black beans raise the stakes higher in health providing loads of energy and regularity to potentially preventing common diseases and health conditions. Here’s your black bean benefit checklist. We encourage you to dig deeper and find ways to incorporate them into your diet regularly.  

1.Great Source of Protein

2.Provide Sufficient Amounts of Potassium

3.Good Source of Folate Vitamin B9

4.Black Beans Can Prevent Birth Defects

5.Can Reverse Iron-Deficient Anemia

6.High in Fiber

7.Aid the Digestive System

8.Can Ease Symptoms of Rheumatoid Arthritis

9.Black Beans Are Full of Antioxidants

10.Can Potentially Prevent Common Cancers

11.Can Reduce the Risk of Alzheimer’s Disease

12.Rich in Omega-3’s

13.Choice Food for Diabetics

14.Can Lower Your Cholesterol

15.Can Reverse the Effects of Heart Disease

*It’s best to use dry beans and cook from scratch to avoid the high sodium in canned beans. If you use canned beans pick one with low sodium for best result.