Attorney, Supporter of Eric Martin Hold Press Conference, Protests Continue

pictured above:  Eric Martin Sr. addresses the press during a protest rally at Tonawanda  Police Headquarters. Protests have also continued on Kenmore at the Speedway Gas Mart. A press conference was held recently in downtown Buffalo hosted by the family’s attorney  and supporters. STREET LEG ACY PHOTO

The law firm of Feroleto Law and supporters of Eric Martin Jr.,  held a press conference recently at the Main Court Building  to make clear that legal action was being taken in the wrongful arrest of an innocent 30-year-old Black man, Eric Martin,   Jr. 30, at a Speedway establishment in Kenmore this past July.  The arrest and physical confrontation with the Tonawanda police took place in front of Mr. Martin’s  wife and 8 year old son   around an alleged stolen lottery ticket (Challenger August 19,2020). The Martins recently purchased a home around the corner from  Speedway. Longtime family friend, political activist and former Buffalo City Councilmember Charley H. Fisher represented Mr. Martin and his family at the press conference “This could have been  my son…it could have been your family,” he told reporters.Mr. Fisher said that Tonawanda needs a deli licensing law similar to the one he authored for the City of Buffalo when in office more than 20 years ago. Meanwhile protests have continued in front of Speedway as well as a protest at the Tonawanda Headquarters.