“A Womanist” Call To Prayer Event Updates Time and Location

All Women of Color are invited to join us in Prayer September 30, 2020  from 5pm – 7pm @ City Hall, 30 Church Street,  Rochester.  We are going to pray for not only our Mayor, but all of our elected officials. We will be praying for the men of our community who are suffering from systemic oppression in the job market, which leads to crime and as a result- often leads to situations involving police brutality.

We will be praying for women of color who are mothers trying to navigate their families and at the same time earn a decent wage to support them. We will be praying for the leaders of our Faith Communities and Social Service agencies, which are at least occupied by 70% of Women or more. 

We invite our Men of Color, Clergy, Community Leaders, Political Leaders to stand with us in prayer and solidarity.   

Send an email to get more information: Go to DrDJRobinson.com