UNITY Coalition Inc. and Legislator Howard Johnson Deliver Their 1,000Th Box/Bag Of Groceries And PPE’s

Last Saturday the Unity Coalition Inc. in conjunction with Erie County legislator Howard Johnson, delivered their 1,000th boxes/bags of food and masks/gloves and /or sanitizer.  Early in April they reached out to various organizations to help identify food banks that would be supportive. Faced with the fact that many of our seniors and physically challenged neighbors were unable and/or unsure of driving to various food banks, Unity took up the task of getting food and PPE’s to seniors at their homes.  With the help of  and generous donations of food from St. Philips Episcopal Church,  Masjid Numan, 8 days of Hope and (Rooted in Love), Unity began their distribution of much needed food to those in need.   Legislator Howard Johnson of the 1st legislative district identified a number of different outlets to provide masks, gloves and hand sanitizer and was able to secure those much needed items for our community.  They continue to do those deliverys every Saturday.