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Buffalo Sports News 

This week the #FreeOliver post ran rapid on social media as Ed Oliver had all charges dropped against him for the incident that took place a couple weeks ago in his hometown. Police had claimed he was in possession of a weapon and had been drinking while driving and he was charged with possession of a weapon and a DUI. The Buffalo Bills released a statement after all the charges were dropped. The statement stated that the team was working with Ed Oliver in an offseason program and that they appreciated his honesty and coming forward to the team. The front office included that they allowed the legal process to play out and now that all charges have been dropped Ed Oliver can focus on training camp. Questions still spiral whether the NFL will tag a suspension on Oliver for misconduct that may tarnish the league’s reputation. Well, Rise Up Right is here to end that questioning by saying that usually the team would hand down discipline before the League would in situations like these. Since Oliver was cleared of all charges I doubt there will be any suspension from the team or the NFL. 

In other NFL news the league has agreed to having no preseason games this year. How will this affect NFL teams as the usual process to starting a season will be different due to covid-19? Will teams be able to have fans in the stands by season start? Rise Up Right will keep you informed if anything develops.

In other sports news, the Western New York Region will be adopting an MLB team for the 2020 season as Sahlen Field will become the home of the Toronto Blue Jays. The Buffalo region has express great delight with this new opportunity. Many of the fans here are already calling the team the Buffalo Blue Jays. Will the Blue Jays make the playoffs?

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