Positive Examples of Working Together Within Our Communities To Support Ourselves And Our Neighbors During The Covid-19 Crisis

Covid-19 is Still Infecting and Killing People

“We Are Women Warriors” on the Front Line: Free Masks & Hand Sanitizer is Available From 4 To 8 PM @ Grant’s Variety, 1055 East Ferry St.

The way some individuals are walking around and shopping without masks or any type of face covering, one would think the county executive has declared that Erie County is Covid 19 free ; declaring that we can go about conducting our lives the way we did before COVID 19 made its appearance and in a matter of days, changed the world as we knew it.

I, along with many other citizens in Buffalo have had friends or relatives contracting COVID 19 and unfortunately, some of them have died. Most of them have recovered but still many have been left with lasting respiratory issues and health conditions that they will have for the rest of their lives. Yet we still have too many people walking around Buffalo and going into stores, either spreading the virus or contracting it from others who may not even know that they are infected!

We, who live in New York State, are fortunate to have a governor who took a leadership position to develop a plan that has decreased the number of deaths and the level of infection through the mandatory wearing of masks and the implementation of social distancing. These two procedures have assisted NYS in losing its position as the epicenter for COVID19 in the United States!

We, the residents of Erie County and Buffalo, can continue to help keep our infection number low by wearing masks and standing at least 6 FT apart from others and not assembling in large gatherings. 

The We Are Women Warriors organization has been passing out free masks and hand sanitizers since the middle of March. These PPE items are available to anyone in Erie County, free of charge, on a daily basis, from 4 to 8 PM @ Grant’s Variety Shoppe, 1055 East Ferry Street, Buffalo, NY