Jason Wright Named Team President of Washington Football Franchise

pictured above ( Jason Wright)

Think about this. 

Fritz Pollard was the first Black owner of a professional football team in 1920 and it took 100 years for Black people to gain an NFL Team President. That’s very sad but true and only  systematic racism can be attributed for taking so long. 

-Fast forward to 2020-

Jason Wright, 38, returned to his football roots last week in an unprecedented manner, becoming the first person of color to hold the title of Team President of an NFL franchise when Washington owner Dan Snyder announced his hiring. Wright is an excellent choice that is overly qualified with his impeccable credentials. It’s obviously a last-ditch effort by owner  Snyder to keep the team.

Keep in mind Jason Wright’s  consulting firm is located right in Washington D.C. He’s been in the same city for many years yet did not get a call until the team and ownership got in serious trouble causing a possible ownership change. Rome is burning and Wright finally got a call for job that was held by Bruce Allen, who’s only true skill is being former Head Coach George Allen’s son. That’s White Privilege at its best, it matters more who your daddy is rather then having a true skill set for the job.

The Washington Football franchise has been a losing franchise for almost all of Daniel Snyder’s ownership after a very successful run by previous owner Jack Kent Cooke.                 

 Wright will be in charge of all business activities, and Head Coach Ron Riviera will handle football operations. My next question is when will an NFL team hire a Black Team President without their team being investigated for wrong doing and any other criminal act.

-Bills Starting To Have Injuries At TrainingCamp-

The Buffalo Bills are just like most NFL teams without having OTA’s and Mini Camp players are now having a wide variety of soft tissue injuries like Josh Norman’s  Hamstring pull, Ed Oliver’ hip, and Patrick DiMarco’s neck injuries. 

Some teams like the Denver Broncos are having a rash of injuries due to going from zero to a hundred in training camp.  It’s amazing that you can have false positive tests for COVID – 19, but that is what happened on Sunday and several Bills players including QB Josh Allen were held out of practice due to the testing. That can easily change the outcome of regular season games if this occurs during the regular season. 

Keep in mind this can happen to every day people as well.  The  Bills will continue practice for most of the week and get in some live action. 

Bills Guard/tackle and former Carolina Panther Daryl Williams comments on the  comparison  between  Cam Newton and Josh Allen:  “Yes, I see a lot of comparisons between the two and it makes me very excited to play with Josh in this upcoming season. The offensive assignments given to me is nothing new and l  look forward to playing the games.” 

Bills wide receiver Cole Beasley:“It’s a lot of new verbiage and installing the entire playbook. Guys are getting it down and you’re only going to use part of the playbook each week during the regular season.  It’s good to have a large playbook, because you’re never going to know what plays and sets we’re going to use and that’s going to be an advantage for us against our opponents.”

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