How Does Your Garden Grow? Organically Of Course!

Recently Master Gardener Gail Wells,  founder of Buffalo Freedom Gardens, held a free organic seed giveaway  hosted by Grassroots Gardens WNY and Feed Buffalo at the organic food pantry location 457 Massachusetts.  

Master Gardener Gail Wells Consults a Small Group During the Buffalo Freedom Garden Seed Giveaway held at Feed Buffalo in August 2020

Everyone masked up and ready to receive the blessings of seeds had the opportunity to get inspiration and advice from the Master Gardner on how to plant for fall crops. Buffalo Freedom Gardens has successfully started 50+ Freedom Gardeners in the community and continues to push forward with showing how possible and successful growing your own food for liberations and resilience truly is. 

In one of the many conversational gems dropped, Ms. Wells  spoke on PH balance pointing out:  “ The PH that  plants need for their optimal growth is the same PH we need for our  optimal growth and when our bodies are too acidic we get disease “   

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Photo   Feed Buffalo Archives.