Dorie Miller Rifle & Pistol Club Inc. Votes Unanimously

The Club Votes To Support MVP In Its Nation-Wide Campaign To Have The Tiahrt Amendment Repealed 

On Wednesday, August 12, 2020, in an executive board meeting the Dorie Miller Rifle & Pistol Club Inc. voted unanimously to support MVP in its nation-wide campaign to have the TIAHRT Amendment repealed.

The TIAHRT Amendment impacts greatly on the accessibility of African American youth and other marginalized people of color having easy access to illegal handguns that they do not manufacture nor have a license to sale. Yet, the criminal burden of responsibility is theirs alone to bear. 

Today thousands of young men and women are incarcerated serving long sentences due to this easy access and in our inner- city communities, in the midst of a pandemic, bullet riddled bodies continue to pile up. 

We urge the community to think about this and sign the petition to repeal the TIAHRT Amendment and go online to the CRS Report for Congress Dated May 27, 2009 to understand why we must urge those we put in office to accomplish this objective.

   Peace, Love, and Blessings  -Submitted  by Sis. Akua