Basketball News: WELCOME BACK!

by A. Dorcely

pictured above: Tobias Harris of the Philadelphia 76ers. (Photo by A. Dorcely)

Delaware Park summer 2019. (Photo by A. Dorcely)

On a normal summer day you might drive up to Delaware Park. Jump out of your car if you drive and walk over to the courts. You look around and find a game where the competition looks relative to your basketball  experience. “Who’s got next?” , you ask a group of strangers who are either waiting to play or who are watching. Once you get your answer you’ve either indicated that you have next or you’re communicating to find out if you can join the team that has next. After that on the court a kind of magic can happen where complete strangers join together for a victory while finding out each other’s strengths and weaknesses.
The NBA has been able to find its strength within a bubble restart while this Pandemic continues to exploit societies weaknesses. Before I continue as always during these times I hope you’re able to take a load off and read this article within good health for you and yours. Now as i was saying there was a pause button pressed on March 11th with regards to sports starting with the NBA. Afterwards other professional sports and different levels in athletics followed suit. Since then what we’ve experienced has been a whirlwind of changes to life as we knew it.
But now as the summer has reached its midpoint and so many park rims collect dust and web we’ve been able to welcome back the NBA basketball season. I had previously wrote about the possibilities of the restart (you can refer back to or our Challenger app. to read that article #shamelessplug)  The bubble venture thus far has proven to be successful with regards to the protocols and procedures in preventing those within it’s confinement from catching the virus. Games have been competitive and entertaining while the athletes have not forgotten the bigger movement that this platform is being used for. Starting with Tobias Harris(pictured) of the Philadelphia 76ers during a post game interview after a scrimmage game. Harris answered all media questions by asking for justice for Breonna Taylor.
So while the let down of the summer is obvious with the vacancy on our playgrounds. We are able to regain another outlet to relieve the tension that some of us are feeling with everything going on as different professional sports have returned. Even so the conscious effort by those athletes to stand tall for social justice while kneeling won’t be popped within this bubble!!!