Artist Edreys Wajed and His New Solo Show Wish You Were Here” Boasts 69 Beautiful Works Inspired by Black Music!

6pictured:  Buffalo’s  own Edreys Wajed completing the largest piece in his current solo show Wish You Were Here on site at Buffalo Arts Studio a 12ft x 7 ft work on canvas titled “Planet Rock” 

As we all wish we could go back to a better normal, we are becoming more engaged in finding ways to enjoy the best new normal possible, while the City of Buffalo continues to safely re-open.

Local artist, educator, performer Edreys Wajed knows that feeling first-hand. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic he and his wife Alexa had to road map their way through his first successful virtual solo show, “Wish You Were Here,” a literal and figurative title of his virtual exhibition that kicked off July 24 at Buffalo Arts Studio where works are available online for bidding and auction. The exhibit can now be seen in person as the  arts studios first show since reopening on July 28th .

“We wishfully would have preferred a non-covid existent opening where our loved ones and friends could have physically been there…given that it was easier to opt out and cancel the show altogether we instead forged ahead and had a successful solo virtual opening despite the limitations of covid-19,” said Wajed. 

The exhibition doubles as an online auction where bids can be placed on the work via a bidding app called ClickBid Mobile App, a link for the app is available on at

The show explores the transposition of sound into text, line and color capturing the mood and rhythm of popular songs mostly embedded in Black culture that serve as a touchstone to deeply personal moments throughout the artists life that he believes everyone can relate and connect to.   

Wajed giving overview for private viewing with collectors at Buffalo Arts Studio

“The paintings are touchstones that become portals capable of transporting viewers through time revisiting memories connected to people and places.”

Never ceasing to amaze local and national art lovers and the growing community of the art curious, Wajed’s well curated show by Buffalo Arts Studio’s  curator Shirley Verrico, is a 69 piece exhibit of 32 full color paintings and 37 black and white drawings & paintings, a song book if you will, with wall to wall emotionally charged transcriptions of sound. 

An outstanding colorful homage to Black music  from Soul to hip-hop and R&B and beyond, each unique piece is a respectful nod to Wajed’s humble dedication to his musical connection, his gift of visual artistry and good use of time during these “shelter in place days” we are slowly emerging from. A large majority of the work was created during that time.  He and his wife Alexa have been holding Friday night BYOB happy hour sessions on his social platform @edreys (on IG and FB) through covid-19 , where he completed a good percentage of the work that appears in the show. Among the works there are two large oversized black and white pieces that were painted on the premises in real time (Rapper’s Delight and Planet Rock) that serve somewhat as an Opus to this series. 


Click here to check out one of the Live Happy Hour sessions with Edreys and Lex

The auction bidding is accessible via the popular ClickBid mobile app, a cloud based bidding solution that attracts a number of remote mobile bidders,  where you can engage for virtual viewing and bidding ( go toBuffalo Arts Studio )

You can also visit Buffalo Arts Studio to see the show Tuesday through Friday 11a.m. -5pm in the Tri-Main bldg., 2495 Main Street 5th floor studio A and B. Mandatory protective masks are required to enter the building and must be worn throughout the visit as well as practicing safe distancing. For more  info go to or call (716) 833-4450.

Stay in step with this artist on IG, FB, @edreys and follow @eatoffart on IG | FB / YouTube and their website   ~L.H.