To Play or Not to Play

story and photo by A. Dorcely

It’s been a while since we last touch base. I hope all of you reading this are in good health as well as your families. Our communities are dealing with a lot right now. Please continue to pray to whoever the Higher Power you believe in for strength, wisdom and understanding. But in the meantime in between time how about you take a load off and engulf your mind into an NBA conversation.

I say a conversation because at this time that’s all I can provide you with. The NBA has decided to resume its postponed season with a start date of July 31st. The concept for the restart is to have the top 22 teams from when the season stopped play resume the regular season first with a few “play in” games. Then begin the  playoffs. This would all take place in Orlando, Florida at Disney’s ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex. 

But there have been several hiccups in the current plan. One being the players having to stay in a “bubble” on the Complex. A what you ask? This is a precautionary measure being considered because of Covid-19. Once on the Complex players would not be able to leave is the idea. Two is the discussion of what would happen if a player were to get sick or suffer a severe injury during season/playoffs.

What kind of assurances or insurance do players have against this? Lastly, an x-factor was recently introduced as a reason not to play. The X- factor is the movement of awakening in society about the ongoing systemic racism in the United States of America.

This most recent reason not to engage in the return to basketball was sparked by Brooklyn Nets’ point guard Kyrie Irving. Irving is one of the NBPA’s(National Basketball Players Association) six elected Vice Presidents. 

He bought up several issues on a phone call with many play-ers. The main being what kind of distraction to the current Social Justice movement would a resumption of play cause! This is bigger than basketball seems to be the battle cry of some in NBA circles. Some feel more impact would made if the publicity from the games were used for the movement. While others just say it’s your job and there is money to be made.

What’s your take on this? Unfortunately, at this time I must leave you as the conversation continues on whether or not to PLAY!!!