This Community Emergency Needs Your Voice! The Sheriff’s Office Has Proposed Closing And Repurposing The Downtown Holding Center. We Need to Hear From You!

By Karima Amin

In June 2020, Governor Cuomo issued an Executive Order requiring all local governments that administer law enforcement agencies to develop a plan that reforms police strategies and programs in their communities. 

The Erie County Sheriff, Timothy B. Howard, has proposed a plan that would close the Erie County Holding Center, transferring all detainees and staff to the Erie County Correctional Facility in Alden, NY.

What do you think of this plan? How would this proposal limit your opportunities to visit your incarcerated friend or family member? Would bus scheduling create an undue hardship for you?  Would you incur added expense? Would a lack of familiarity with the rules and regulations at the Correctional Facility result in added stress for you and your family? Is the downtown location of the Erie County Holding Center  more convenient for you?

The Erie County Corrections Specialist Advisory Board invites you to express your concerns about the Sheriff’s plan at a Community Emergency Meeting on Wednesday, July 8, at 6pm at the Community Health Center of Buffalo, 34 Benwood Avenue near Main Street. The Advisory Board values your input.

Karima Amin

For the safety of everyone, you must wear a mask and agree to have your temperature checked before entering the building. Space will be limited due to social distancing rules. This meeting will be videotaped.

Prior to this meeting, your comments may be sent to BaBa Eng by phone or e-mail: 716-491-5319,      Be sure to write HOLDING CENTER in the subject line.

If you are unable to attend, consider using the Zoom platform:

Password: SGQ5dy9YUKtiSEQwVmFHRHkzZjA1Zz09