The “Go Getta” Talented Radio Personality Adri.V Uses Her Skills to Empower Youth and Elevate Her Beloved Community

By Schondra Aytch

or Adriana Viverette, radio has always been an integral part of her life. Even as a child, she enjoyed listening to the radio more than watching television. Born and raised on the Eastside of Buffalo, tuning in  to DJ Hukher and Dawn “Break-A-Dawn” every day was a tradition for the future radio host.  

“I fell in love with those voices…they entertained me, they educated me, they enlightened me, they made me laugh. I had fun with them. They played jokes on people…and they get to play music,” Adriana exclaimed.

Adriana, also known as Adri.V, is the originator of The Go Getta Mix, a radio show that highlights upcoming DJs, artists, and every day “go-getters” in the community. Currently boasting her show at 93.7 WBLK, 103.9 WDKX,  Hot 99.1, and Dash Radio, the radio socialite is also involved in multiple philanthropic efforts. From founding her own scholarship, to creating after school programs, Adri.V’s eagerness to empower youth is a culmination of her incredible life hustle.

Negotiating with her high school principal to intern at WBLK, Adriana fostered her love for radio early. Already doing the announcements at Mckinley High School, participating in JROTC, captain of the basketball team and Crusaders Drill Team, among other commitments, the aspiring personality was given the chance by Catherine Roberts to intern in the promotions department for the radio station. A mentee under Roberts, Adri.V was taught the ins and outs of promotions and the importance of connecting with the community. While at the station, young Adriana also developed relationships with staple voices like Kendra G, Shea Moore, Alexis Williams, and Terry Davis.

 “They all were brown, beautiful, and bold… They would be the life of the party wherever they showed up; and just connecting with their listeners. I would sit back and watch in awe,” Adri. V reminisced.

Radio Personality Adri V, Photographed by Darron L. Whitsett __You can find her on THE GO GETTA MIX on Buffalo’s 93.7 WBLK, Rochester’s 103.9 WDKX, Albany’s Hot 99.1, and Dash Radio

Interning at WBLK into college, the aspiring personality immediately built a presence on campus. Attending University at Buffalo, the future radio host was involved in the entertainment division of the Student Association as a director, General Manager of the school radio station, and was an events coordinator for Class Entertainment events promotions team. Accepted to intern at Black Entertainment Television (BET) the summer of her sophomore year, Adri.V, worked under realtor and radio host Egypt Sherrod for the network’s daily entertainment show The Black Carpet. Interning as a researcher and transcriber for the show in New York City, Adri.V also assisted with the after-show Under The Rug.

“The Black Carpet was such a tight-knit team. They didn’t really have a lot of people like 106 & Park did or The Basement. They utilized us interns like we were a part of the team,” Adri. V reminisced. “So they would send me to the record labels. I got a chance to interview Jazmine Sullivan. They sent me to an NBA event. I got to interview Tony Parker.”

Recalling the struggles of assimilating to city life, commuting from Long Island into New York city, and catching the subway was one of the biggest adjustments for Adri.V. In the bustle of work, sometimes she didn’t eat. Dedicated to the hustle and building relationships with staff, young Adriana was invited back to BET the following summer. Continuing her internship at WBLK and purposefully connecting with alumni during the school year, she  secured an internship with Cable News Network (CNN) after a chance conversation with alumnus Greg D’Alba, the Chief Operating Officer for CNN(Currently CEO).

Simultaneously working at CNN and BET, Adri.V connected with staff and executives from both networks. A few of her most memorable connections were with former CNN executive Michelle Thornton and former President of BET, Stephen Hill. Inspired by Thornton’s and Hill’s integrity and tenacity, Adri. V learned skills in networking and strategy. She also got the memorable nickname “Buffalo,” from Hill.

 “Somebody is always watching you, and your work ethic and what you’re doing. So it was imperative and competitive that I showed up,” Adri.V said.

Graduating from University At Buffalo with a bachelor’s in communications, minor in media studies, and certification in journalism, pr, and advertising, Adri.V was voted in as the new personality for 93.7 WBLK in 2009. Recognizing the disparity in music on the radio, Adri. V encouraged local DJ’s to submit mixes to the station. With her knowledge of homegrown talent and passion for providing opportunities, the radio host showcased DJs, artists and other “Go Gettas” in the community on her show.

“I wanted to make sure that I’m highlighting people that are moving and shaking,” Adri.V mentioned.

With goals to elevate beyond radio, Adri. V went back to school and received an MBA at Medaille College. 

“I ultimately want to move up in radio so I never wanted my lack of education to stop me from elevation. So I went on to get my Masters.” Adri. V shared. 

Going back to her roots in the promotions department as a intern  Adri.V expanded her imprint back into marketing working with RU VILLA Sneaker Store and New Era Cap Company, where she connected celebrities to the brands, gifted them with caps, apparel and curated special promotions and events at New Era Cap. Achieving the opportunity to work at Sirius XM’s Hip Hop Nation, Adri.V put her marketing skills into overdrive working their social media. At one point, her demand was so high that she drove into New York City for the workweek, and drove back to Buffalo on the weekends for almost a year. 

“When I tell you I look back at that time; I don’t know how I did it. But I just was relentless. I had a goal. And…it just was like I gotta stay the course,” Adri. V explained. 

Now, prioritizing her time in Buffalo, the radio personality has most recently extended her imprint to Dash radio. Mentioning that she’s not even “touching the surface” of the things she wants to do, Adri.V continues to dedicate her persistence to elevating her voice, along with her beloved city.

“Every time I crack the mic I want you to be able to learn something, to know something, to laugh about something, and to wanna do something…that’s just what I choose to do with my platform.”

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You can find Adri. V’s THE GO GETTA MIX on Buffalo’s 93.7 WBLK, Rochester’s 103.9 WDKX, Albany’s Hot 99.1, and Dash Radio. You can also follow Adri. V on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter at @ADRIVTheGoGetta.