Realesate: Welcome to the Property Inspection

by Hawwao Wajed

Yes  this is one of the most important  processes for a homeowner and purchaser.  The property inspection is completed by a “Certified Professional.”  The inspection may be requested by the property owner and a purchaser.  

Inspection Expectations:

Exterior grounds, structure, roofing, electrical, plumbing, heating/AC, insulation,interior.

Here are some of the situations by which an inspection may occur.

The property owner may desire to have the “condition” of their home inspected. This is known as a “pre-inspection.” The owner will have a copy of the report for their records.  If any items of concern are cited, repairs can be completed in advance.  They should keep any signed contracts and copy all paid receipts.  In the future the owner may decide to have their home marketed for sale.  Knowing any issues of concern have been completed, this will indeed yield a good return on their efforts when a sale occurs.  

The purchaser usually will request an inspection after a sale has been negotiated and agreed upon by all parties.  This inspection is important to determine the condition of the home. Although the purchaser may have viewed the home in advance, this is the best practice to make sure the home is secure as a future financial asset.  

Again, if any items are noticed, all parties can have a meeting of the minds to resolve any concerns. 

Contributing Columnist Hawwao Wajed is a licensed realestate sales specialist, advisor, notary

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