My People Need a Witness

by Baba Eng

A prominent Latina psychologist, social activist, Mariposa McCall, once said that “Hope needs a Witness” and she is one hundred percent right. Now, in 2020, I  say that not only does “Hope need a Witness” but just as surely as Hope needs a Witness, so do Freedom and Justice. The Freedom and Justice  that we as Human Beings are all supposed to hold dear, certainly just as surely,  need a Witness,   a Witness that helps us first overcome the “Blue Wall of Silence.” 

Yes, the “Blue Wall of Silence” where even good intended police are forced by the racist culture of law enforcement in America, to turn a blind eye to the wrong doing of dirty police, keep silent and  even back up those who do wrong, like what recently happened in Minneapolis where one cop decided to commit murder and other cops backed him up and even assisted him.   

Secondly, Freedom and Justice need a Witness to overcome the injustice of the “Gray Wall of Silence” that forces even good intended prison guards and officials to turn a blind eye to the wrong doing of dirty prison guards working in racist institutions of imprisonment throughout America,  that were built on the plantation system and the racist intent of the 13th  amendment to the Constitution in America.  They remain silent even when there are blatant violations of human and civil rights and even murder. They back up the wrongdoers, supporting their actions.

Thirdly, Freedom and Justice in America need a Witness to the  “White Wall of Silence” that forces white people to turn a blind eye to the wrong doing of other Whites, keep silent and even back them up in their wrong doing. They remain silent when their White skin privileges are threatened or they think their jobs are threatened, or when they think homes and bank accounts seem threatened by any righteous demand by Black people for reparations. They should know that the United States government owes a debt to Black people, and when paid it will come out of the United States Treasury and not out of any individual pocket of any white person!

America needs a Witness against Itself, if it is  to have any possibility of a future free of corruption and greed, avarice and exploitation, racism and oppression. 

My people,  We need a Witness, even if it’s against ourselves, if there is to be any chance of Salvaging our humanity and find Redemption in saving each other from the doom of Self-Destruction.

If We are a Witness to the Truth of Our History, The Truth of our Current Realities and The Truth of our Individual and Collective Intentions For The Future,  only then will we acknowledge the Guilt and Shame in a way that is Redemptive and Reintegrative,  because we will decide to finally Make Amends for  our Past, Share in the Responsibility of our Present and Really Decide to Share in the Equity that is Necessary for Our Collective Future Where Everyone has a Real Stake in All of Our Outcomes. 

Yes, My Beloved People, We Need A Witness right here and right now if we are to live into the future.