Lead By Example/ Leaders of The New School

by A. Dorcely

“Watch; as I combine all the juice from the mind ; Heel up, wheel up, bring it back, come, rewind Powerful impact (Boom!)” In the early 90s a member of the Leaders of the New School dropped these words on a song called the Scenario. They were to lead my generation into the next era of hip hop. I say this to discuss a different scenario that has come about within the college basketball world. Before I continue I want to wish you all good health. 

We’re in a climate where a lot of different leaders are coming about. Amongst these leaders is a youth movement. A new leaders of the new school if you will. The younger generations within our communities have realized their voice and their power as they unite to make changes. Using the tool of social media that can be viewed around the world they have been able to organize to bring these changes to fruition. 

Making many demands from the arrest of police, new laws and the removal of the Confederate symbol on a state flag are just a few accomplished goals that this youth movement has already attained. Now where I come in is do to this buzz that has begun within the athletes. More specifically a possible future NBA athlete. Possible??? How do I know that? Can I tell the future now? Do I have NBA executives listed in my contact list. No! 

But this young brother does have a cousin in the NBA. I’m speaking of Makur Maker whose cousin Thon Maker already plays in the NBA. Makur who is a five star basketball athlete is a highly ranked high school player who has committed to play at Howard University. Howard University is what’s known as a HBCU(Historically Black Colleges and Universities). 

Why is this important? HBCUs are not regarded as landing places for such stars to touch down. Not when they’re being courted by such schools as Memphis, UCLA and Kentucky to name a few. But Maker has chosen to take the lead and possibly change the tide and perception of HBCU’s within athletics.

The impact of this move is mind blowing and the boom is being felt throughout the college basketball world as others have vowed to take a good look at HBCU’s before making their decisions. It’s also a good look for mid major college basketball programs. They are hoping that this filters down and  higher caliber athletes start to realize that you can have success at smaller schools if you’re willing to put in the work and lead by example.