Kirkland Calls on State Attorney General to Bring Justice to Cariol Horne

The following letter  was written  to the State Attorney General Letita James from  community activist/columnist Ted Kirkland   in support of Cariol Horne.

“Cariol Horne is  a heroine and mother seeking justice for herself and her children. I pray your office will do everything within your power to rectify the wrong this brave, former Buffalo police officer faced as the first of her gender to challenge the so-called, white Blue Line in the Buffalo Police Department.

“Cariol Horne’s only crime is that she inter-vened and stopped a white police officer from choking a Black man to death. She saw the man was unable to breathe and she fought for his life. Today, such conduct on her part would be seen as heroic. But, with numerous other police officers on the scene that night, Black and white, none supported her . 

“I am a former Buffalo Police officer and founding member of the Afro-American Police Associa-tion. Our organization filed the complaint with the EEOC against the City of Buffalo, Buffalo Police Department, Civil Service Commission and the Buffalo PBA for racial and gender discrimination. The case, which we won, was heard by Federal District Judge John D. Curtin. 

Long Time Contributing Columnist and Community Voice Ted Kirkland

“Judge Curtin’s decision affected police depart-ments throughout Western New York and paved the way for Cariol Horne to become a police officer. Ms. Horne took her job seriously and embodied the credo “To Serve and Protect.” My plea is that you and your honorable office render justice to Ms. Horne and her family. 

 “If I can be of further assistance, in any way, I will gladly make myself avail-able.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.”