Coalition Launches Voter Registration Drive!

pictured from leflt: Margaret Jerry,Kay Taylor and Murray Holman

When   The Stop The Violence Coalition, together with the Buffalo Peacemakers, Back to Basics Ministries, FATHERS, MVP’S and the Y.O.U.T.H. (Youth Outreach Urban Talent Haven) organization  hosted its 2020  Voter Registration Drive kick off July 1 on Ferry near Grider,  it also marked the debut release of a single titled “Wake Up.” 

Created by Anthony Taylor, a member   of the YO.U.T.H. organization, and an artist by the name of J. Script from Atlanta GA, “Wake Up”  is designed to encourage  and educate young people  on the importance of  coming together and voting in the upcoming November election.

“The Youth within our society will be responsible for our future generations. If we don’t invest in the responsibility of our own equality of life immediately, what will our future hold?, said Y.O.U.T.H. member Kay Taylor. 

According to Ms. Taylor, they have registered over  300 persons and counting.

During the event as well as others  to follow, she noted, there will be discussions on the importance of voting and “the encouragement of change and the importance of proper leadership within our communities.” Free black “Vote To Make A Difference”  t-shirts were also given out at the opening event.

Ms. Taylor pointed out that what most people may not know is that you can register to vote at the age  of 16. However you cannot actually cast your ballot until you are 18.

Murray Holman, executive Director  of the Stop the Violence Coalition, said the registration drive effort was designed to  take residents – especially all the young people who are active in the Black Lives Matter protest movement – beyond the protest.

The drives are also being supported by Attorneys  John Elmore and  Steve Boyd

Going forward, the 2020Voter Registration Drive campaign will take place on  the following remaining  Wednesdays at 5:30 p.m.   now thru August:

July 22 – Delaware Ave. & Hertel Ave.

July 29 – Abbott Road , McKinley Parkway  & Southside Parkway

August 5 – Broadway & Bailey Avenue

August 12 – Delavan Ave.  & Grider St.

August 19 – Main St. & Winspear  Ave.

August 26 – Ontario  St. & Tonawanda St.