Cariol and Supporters Announce Cariol’s Law and Demand for Justice. Peaceful Demonstration and Protest Concert to be Held June 10

On  Tuesday, June 30, fired Buffalo Police Officer and activist Cariol Horne held a press conference in front of Buffalo Police Headquarters surrounded and held up in love by a large group of supporters, friends and family  to announce the steps she and her team are taking to pursue justice for her case of being fired after saving an unarmed man’s life  by stopping the use of deadly force   by a fellow officer  while on duty in 2006 .  The conference focused on her firing and subsequent denial of pension benefits dating back 12 years as well as “Cariol’s Law” that she is fighting to get passed.  

Opening remarks were made by entrepreneur and activist Phylicia Dove owner of Black Monarchy who made a plea for justice for Cariol. Dove also noted that she herself is a survivor of police brutality. Singer activist and founder of Feed Buffalo, Drea D’Nur, lifted her voice in solidarity. “To even consider passing a law without honoring the name of Cariol is a disgrace and a great injustice.” The group provided the six components of “Cariol’s Law” as well as made clear the actions they feel need to be taken by the City of Buffalo.

There will be a peaceful demonstration march and protest concert July 10th starting at 3 p.m. in Lafayette square that proceeds to Niagara Square where at  4 p.m. d’Nur will perform.

Cariol’s Law will be presented to the Public and delivered to the attention of the Mayor and the City’s Common Council body. Cariol’s Law has six components:

• Duty to intervene when officers pose imminent threat to citizens

• Accountability for Officers Neglecting to Intervene and registry for those who are found in violation

• Protection for Officers who intervene

• Accountability of falsifying reports

• Impacts policy regarding termination and department funding

• Restorative justice for retaliation of whistleblower

In the height of anti-racist activism and police reform, it is imperative that we as a city immediately remedy the wrongs that have been done and fully restore Cariol Horne for being on the right side of history. “I am fighting this fight so my children won’t have to fight,” says Cariol.

We are offering the City of Buffalo the opportunity to change its course in history as well. Immediate actions needed to be taken by the City of Buffalo:

• Vacate Cariol Horne’s termination through power granted to him by the City’s Charter.

• The Mayor should publicly state that he support the reinstatement of Cariol’s pension by State Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli, fully compensating Cariol for lost wages, distress and missed pension benefits.

• Publicly support #CariolsLaw as is, and give credit to the law, as the City is attempting to adapt it as a policy while removing the name of its original source.