Bogus Charges Dropped Against  Activist Myles Carter

Justice has been served….at least in the case of activist and peaceful protester  Myles Carter.

 Carter is the young man who was tackled from behind by police and arrested while he was being interviewed by the news media on Bailey Avenue  during a protest march and rally   June 1.  The trumped up charges  that followed included second-degree obstruction of governmental administration, a misdemeanor, and disorderly conduct, a violation.

Last Friday during a brief court appearance the charges against Myles, a 30-year-old businessman  and father,  were dropped and the case dismissed. He was represented by Attorney FritzGerald Tondreau who acknowledged that justice had been served.

“Fortunately for me, the charges were dismissed,” Carter told the Buffalo News. “Unfortunately, there’s tons of people that are caught up in the system daily, where they take the entire force of the system and they throw it at Black and brown people on a daily basis.”

Mayor Byron W. Brown previously called Carter “an agitator” who was trying to incite the crowd.

Myles Carter with the Mother of Deyanna Davis during Protest Rally at Buffalo’s MLK Park

Myles’  arrest also took place just before a van driven by Deyanna Davis plowed thru the police lines injuring three law enforcement officers.

Since that incident and while he was still fighting his case, Myles took up the struggle to   have Deyanna Davis – who was shot  during the chaos – returned home to her family and children while she recovers  until she has her day in court.  His efforts and the efforts of others paid off. Deyanna was released from jail June 8.

He is also a voice calling  for justice for Quentin Suttles whose brutal attack in May  by Buffalo police was caught on video.