Baskin Delivers $75,000 to Boys and Girls Clubs’ Masten Clubhouse

pictured: Legislator Baskin participated in ribbon-cutting ceremony with Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz

Erie County Legislature Chairwoman April Baskin officially reopened the Boys & Girls Clubs of Buffalo’s Masten Clubhouse on Thursday, July 2 in preparation for the resumption of programming which began  July 6. The ceremony marked the completion of the total remodel and restoration process that began earlier this year. Along with other private partners, Erie County contributed $75,000 to the renovations as part of the 2020 Capital Projects Budget. Baskin, as Legislature Chair, sits on the Erie County Capital Projects Committee and strongly advocated for the funding.

“As a young person who grew up coming to this center and as a mother who sends her child to the Boys & Girls Clubs of Buffalo facilities, I know how important these assets are to our youth, especially in the Masten area. Now, more than ever, it is vital it to have good quality programming that includes mental health services and outdoor recreation areas. The Masten Clubhouse offers so much to this neighborhood, and I am extremely proud of the contribution Erie County was able to make. I’m very grateful to the County Executive, Mark Poloncarz, for also making this a priority,” stated Baskin.     

 Joining Baskin and County Executive Poloncarz at the event was Shari McDonough, CEO of Boy & Girls Clubs of Buffalo, who highlighted other important benefactors to the project including the Hubbell Family, who paid the tuition for the initial 60 summer campers returning next week.

While only operating at 50% attendance due to health precautions, they expect to have availability for over 120 youth in the future. The entire project cost over $500,000 and included the addition of a new art space and teen game room along with necessary roof repairs and fresh interior and exterior paint.

For more information about the Boys & Girls Clubs of Buffalo, please visit their website at If you are in need of emergency COVID-related childcare for this summer, you can also contact the Childcare Resource Network at (716) 877-6666 for a referral to a club or other provider in your area.