Renting  and Buying Tips During COVID19

Greetings   We have an unexpected “Season” of change all over the world.  As we strive to focus on each moment, let us all live safely together.  Here are some inspiring ideas to support our initiatives. This includes first and foremost our families. Also, reach out to friends and associates. Stay in communication with them, even if it’s a handwritten note, telephone call, technology connection or a text to let them know you are thinking of them.  

Coming from a place of contribution as a Realtor, let me share some information that applies to this universal journey for all.

 If renting or purchasing a home,  before entry wear gloves and a mask. You can also cover your shoes with booties.  Make sure the mask covers the nose and mouth. It’s best not to handle the mask until it is no longer in use.  If handmade, clean with vinegar, hot water or with your selected soap.  For the booties they should be discarded after use. “Continue being focused. “

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