Regents Reverse Decision to Close Buff-Sci Charter

The NY State Board of Regents voted Monday overwhelmingly to reconsider their vote to deny Buffalo Academy of Science Charter School’s 5 year renewal. At the May meeting the Regents voted 9 to 7 to deny Buff Sci a renewal led by Regents board member Catherine Collins of Buffalo. At that point parents and the community came together to advocate, organize, and contact the regents and every elected official at every level of government. 

The advocacy worked. On June 8 nearly every regents member voted to renew Buff Sci for a full 5 year renewal. There was an effort to only give Buff Sci a 3 year renewal, but it failed. 

 “I want to applaud the members of the Board of Regents for hearing the cries of the parents and leaders across the community,” said community organizer and youth advocate Duncan Kirkwood. “ It takes a lot to admit you are wrong, and several members of the Board of Regents actually said they regretted taking their vote in May and that they have heard from hundreds of families from Buffalo. 

“Today’s vote showed that  number one,   In Buffalo, the education of Black children matters and  two, when the community stands together we can be stronger than any special interest group,” concluded   Kirkwood.