The Coalition to Save MLK Park reports that the MLK Splash Pad opened on Monday. Staff will be on hand to help with the implementation of social distancing  for  the children’s safety. 

Last week Coalition  chairperson Samuel A. Herbert  joined with city engineers to check on the spray jets and brought to their attention that the babies section of the splash pad was not working properly  last summer.

Engineers assured they would work to  correct the problem.  “We just want  to make sure our children have a place where they can go and have fun, and get wet   on these hot summer days,” said Herbert.

New social distancing and safety protocols will be implemented this year due to Covid-19.

  • Open daily, 11:00am – 7:00pm (weather permitting)
  • Entrances and Exits will each have a one-way location to assist with density levels
  • Spray heads within the basin have been modified to operate 6ft. apart
  • There will be City attendants, as well as security guards on site daily
  • Footwear is required when in the Splash Pad
  • Adult supervision is required for minors
  • Use of hand sanitizer is recommended before/after play
  • Practice cough /sneeze etiquette
  • Unwell? Stay home. If you have symptoms, call the Erie County Covid-19 hotline: 716-858-2929

 For any inquiries on the splash pad, please contact Patty Wolfsohn with the Conservancy at 716-838-1249, ext. 11 .