Message Urging Blacks Not To Vote If The VP Is Not A Woman Of Color Is Reckless And Unsettling! Demand More!

Dear Editor:

For several weeks, I’ve read an unsettling and reckless paid political advertisement in the Challenger that essentially tells our community to not vote for The Democratic Presidential nominee if he does not select a person of color for Vice President.

We don’t have a choice because the alternative is unthinkable and dangerous. Right now, our civil liberties are being systematically and illegally stripped away every day through rogue policies and practices of the current administration.

As Maya Angelou so eloquently wrote “ When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.” Based on the wisdom given to us from the teachings of Ms. Angelou, don’t be deceived by what you are witnessing. Trump has shown us who he is: A lying White Nationalist wannabe dictator, who is greedy and mentally dysfunctional. His dangerous rhetoric and superiority complex is a threat to the planet. Another term in office will afford him the power to continue his vicious assault on the media, endanger our voting rights, embolden right wing domestic terrorists, support and encourage armed militias to publicly intimidate and threaten our safety, and reverse every protected freedom our ancestors fought and died for.

So, my people, let’s not be too concerned about the color of the individual selected for the position of Vice President. If the Democratic Presidential nominee selects a Unicorn for a running mate, then we must vote for the Unicorn!

On Tuesday November 3, 2020, VOTE for the Democratic Presidential nominee. Otherwise, the 2020’s will feel like the 1880’s. 

Sam Herbert’s “No Black Vote, No Black VP”  message essentially equates to  No Black freedom! DEMAND MORE!

-Ruth Nelson

( Note: A real time  example of why we must vote: The New York Times recently reported that although Donald Trump won Georgia  by just 211,000 votes in 2016, some 900,000 eligible Black people stayed home! You do the math…!)

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