Freedom Gardens Update: Gardening For Life & Liberation

pictured: new freedom gardener and Buffalo Freedom Garden crew setting up the standing bed planting and educating during their distribution of gardens on earlier this month.

On May 15th, which was the deadline to fill out a Freedom Garden application, over 340 residents living in zip codes 14215, 14213, 14211, 14209, 14208, 14207, 14204, applied for a total of 50 Freedom Gardens.         

From June 1st through June 12th:

•Each Freedom Garden recipient (50) was gifted either a cedar 4ftX4ft raised bed with a barrier to limit contact with contaminated soil, an earth box on wheels for easy mobility and ideal for those with limited space, or a cedar 2ftX6ft elevated bed designed for seniors or the differently abled. 

  •Every container was filled with premium soil tested for 

nutrients and pH to make sure that crops would grow well.

  •Freedom Gardeners received organic seedlings and herbs grown by the best local farmers and Erie County Master Gardeners for planting. 

   In addition to the above every Freedom Gardeners was given: 

•a mask, gloves and sanitizer to keep them safe while in the garden

•a water can 

•a trowel 

•organic seeds for a second planting in the fall

•a folder with information and resources on growing 

•contact information for guidance and assistance and 

•a garden journal

The Freedom Garden site set up process emphasized service, education and hands on learning.  All gardens were set up with assistance from a crew of volunteers. Trained garden guides provided guidance on garden location, plant placement and watering. Once the Freedom Gardener has successfully planted and watered their garden, the installation concludes with pictures and a garden blessing. On June 9th each Freedom gardener was invited to a Freedom Garden orientation via Zoom that introduced the educational program designed by Soul Fire Farm to ensure a successful gardening experience. Grassroots Gardens and Freedom Garden Guides (Erie County Master Gardeners and site crew volunteers) are providing individualized garden support. The Freedom Garden initiative will end with distribution of t-shirts and a harvest celebration! 

If you applied for a Freedom Garden but did not receive a garden you can get organic seeds for a fall planting or organic seedlings for growing in a container or garden bed that you already have.  The seeds and plants are available at Feed Buffalo located at 456 Massachusetts Avenue or you can email for questions and information for delivery if needed.

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