Forced Out of My Home by A Community That Does Not Care

Dear Editor,

At the age of 67 I am finding myself feeling very sad because I am being “forced” to sell my home and move out of the City of Buffalo.

I have lived in Buffalo ALL of my life and Buffalo has been very good to me.

The reason why I must move is because AT 67 there is a certain “quality of life” that I MUST have. I MUST have Peace.

The block I live on has always been known as the “Good Bloc.” Unfortunately, a few of the homeowners who cared about their property have died or moved out. Absentee landlords have bought the houses and are renting them to anyone who has the money.

AT 67  I don’t want to live around people who have “Ghetto” mentalities.

AT 67 I don’t want to live around people who do not maintain their homes or even cut their grass. When I asked a neighbor to cut their grass, that neighbor literally said to me, “I don’t care about outside my house, I live inside.”

AT 67 I don’t want to have suspected drug deals reported to me by my neighbors. 

AT 67  I don’t want to live near people who cannot control their children and have “brawls” in the middle of the street.

AT 67 I don’t want to have to tell grown  men to stop speeding their motorcycles up and down my street and gunning their motors.

AT 67 I don’t want to call the police and not know whether or not they are going to show up.

AT 67  I want to know why it is a well known FACT that none of the “quality of life” issues I just mentioned go unchecked in other parts of the city and the suburbs.

I have been told that the reason why the suburbs have such great resources is because they pay more taxes. That explanation is acceptable, but what about the City of Buffalo?  

Do the residents of North Buffalo pay more taxes than the residents in the University District?

I have put a lot of work into my home and I have it exactly like I want it. I have everything in place to make life comfortable for me as I age. It’s a good house and I know it’s going to sell fast. The problem is, once it sells, where do I go?

-Dorothy Wagstaff

(challenger news photo)