Family of Deyanna Davis Standing Firm in Fight for Justice: Thanks Community for Its Support

pictured:Deyanna Davis’ family pictured at a rally for her last week in MLK Park. Among those pictured, her great uncle  Ron Petty, her mom Ayanna Carr, her  grandmother and sister.

Family  and  supporters  of Deyanna Davis are standing firm in their fight to see that she gets   justice.

Regardless of the charges placed against her, they  just want  her to be able to come home so that she can heal  properly, be with her children   and  have the strength to  deal with whatever legal challenges may lie ahead. 

Deyanna is the young woman who has been accused of   running a vehicle thru police lines on the night of  June 1  on Bailey Avenue during protests near Buffalo Police’s E-District station and hitting  three law enforcement officers. 

But Deyanna herself was injured; shot multiple times. She was  arrested, had surgery, and  remanded to the holding center where she remains.

Her mother, Ayanna Carr, has apologized for any harm Deyanna may have caused, but  insists that her daughter would never have intentionally run over anyone. And the media’s portrayal  of her as a violent  person, she says,  is the furthest thing from the truth. 

The mother of four children ages 1,2,3 and 10, Deyanna, she continued, worked and went to school. She was a month away from earning  her bachelor’s degree. Ayanna described  her daughter as ambitious and  “brilliant.” 

“She misses  her children,   and they miss her.  We just want her home.”

Deyanna’s great uncle, Ron Petty, said  the story being told in the   media is too one sided.   “There are two sides to every story. The main point I want to emphasize is Deyanna was not in any way involved in the protest rally, nor was she attempting to inflict bodily harm on any of the officers present at this event. I believe that she was just at the wrong place at the   wrong time and simply panicked as the tragic episode  unfolded.” 

“Additionally, District Attorney   John J. Flynn  apparently based his decision to prosecute on the premise that Deyanna’s actions were intentional and not those of   someone who was scared or in fear of their life!” added Petty. 

“My question to Mr. Flynn is, ‘how do you know?’  What did you base your decision on?  They said there  are several videos showing what was happening at the same time Deyanna  was attempting to pass through that section of Bailey Ave.

“All of the videos confirm that she drove through a  gauntlet of  gunfire  and treated for her wounds. After she was interrogated at the hospital, she  was charged with two counts of felony assault and remanded to the Erie County Holding Center where she still currently housed. 

The family has established a “legal defense fund” for Deyanna to offset the cost of competent legal representation. So far, they  have raised over $5,000 for her defense

Ayanna Carr said she was thankful   for the support of the community, especially  Myles  Carter. He is the articulate young  activist who was attacked for no reason by officers at the scene on the night of the chaos while being interviewed by a news reporter.   

“ She’s  (Deyanna) innocent until proven guilty,” Carter declared.She needs time to heal. That’s it. That’s all we’re coming for. “

The group “Black Love Resists in the Rust” says it intends to continue to   Occupy Niagara Square   for the release of Deyanna Davis.