Buffalo Juneteenth’s First Virtual Festival: Here’s the Schedule Times and Links

Here goes; what the community’s been wondering about and waiting for:  the schedule of some of the many events and activities for the 45th consecutive Juneteenth of Buffalo Festival 2020, Online!  

Most of Western New York’s annual summer events have been cancelled or postponed, but not Buffalo’s Juneteenth Festival.  This team of volunteers has worked collectively to gather content; collaborated with the Watertown Juneteenth Festival; evaluated countless hours of content submissions; and looks forward to executing an unprecedented virtual festival that will operate across various social media platforms and be appreciated  worldwide.  

So  beginning Thurs., June 11 @ 5 p.m., then Sat. and Sun., June 13-14,  get your favorite dish, gather your family (and all their devices), and go online to your favorite festival, where there’s something for everyone!  Peace and Love.  Submitted by Jennifer Earle Strickland

Find the Scheduled Below and the Links to their Social Network Pages

Twitter,  Instagram,  ( another instagram page for Juneteenth here) Facebook and TikTok and Youtube or go to juneteenthbuffalo.com


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