Black Veterans Call for Congressional Black Caucus to seek a Hearing on Human Rights Violations Against the United States in the World Court

On the behalf of Black Veterans a petition has been issued on MoveOn.Org calling for public support in seeking the Congressional Black Caucus to request a hearing before the World Court on Human Rights violations against the United States of America. Declaring  “America’s leadership has no credibility speaking of equal justice,’” the organization said “the nation   has maintained a duel system of justice from its inception.”

The goal is to collect signatures between now and Veterans Day, November 11, 2020.

The petition will be presented to the Congressional Black Caucus to demonstrate public support for the issue of Human Rights in America to be elevated to the World Court for Hearings.  We understand the lack of trust and faith in the system. Hopefully, knowing the Congressional Black Caucus is being asked to pursue justice through the World body will help stem the violence while meaningful redress is sought. 

 The United States is not alone in the practice of racism. The Hearings may give other countries the impetus to improve their Human Rights standings. It would give America the opportunity to explain or not, its position in maintaining or changing its duel system of justice. The Hearings would be up-lifting to the Black Citizens of this Nation and an education on Black American History to the rest of the world.

 please go on-line to the following link and sign the Petition.

*excerpts from article by Charles Blatcher, III Chairman
National Coalition of Black Veteran Organizations.   

photo by. (Alexia Lythos/U.S. Marine Corps)