What Re-Opening WNY May Look Like Depending on How Well The Region Follows The Current 14 Day Period Since The Start of Phase One

On May 19th WNY was included in the Phase I part of Cuomo’s reopening along with many (not all)  states around America . Re-opening refers to non-essential businesses and business activities. Essential businesses and business activities that are open will remain open. Eligibility for reopening is determined by health metrics for each region. There is a 14 day time period between the re-opening phase that determines any area moving on the the next phase.  For Western New York , if there isn’t a significant spike in new cases of Covid-19 we may get the opportunity to move into next phase but will have to take it slow and see what our results look like at the that time. 

 Here’s  a sense of how the re-opening will work  in WNY  depending  how well the state  follows the current 14-day period from May 19 start of phase One:

•Start of Phase One   May 19 : Construction, manufacturing, wholesale trade, delivery from and curbside pickup at retail outlets, as well as agriculture, forestry, fishing and hunting. 

•Projected Start of Phase Two June 1 : Professional services, retail, administrative support and real estate/rental and leasing.*This means salons and barber shops, may be able to open two weeks from May 19th.

•Projected start of phase three June 15 : Restaurants and food services, hotels and accommodation businesses.

•Projected start of phase four June 29 : Arts, entertainment and recreation, Education, Mass religious gatherings, like church services.

As WNY business gear up for a positive outcome lets all remember to still play it safe, wear mask, gloves, practice social distancing and stay positive while we look forward to an opportunity to practice new normals in our region and flatten the Covid-19 curve. 

You can get more detail on  https://www.governor.ny.gov . Please continue to  stay safe community.