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Sports Fanatics!!!!!!!!! We Are One Step Closer to the NFL football season as the schedule came out last Thursday  night. Many people were intrigued by the thought that the NFL was going to start the season with AFC vs NFC matchups. As we know the Buffalo Bills were scheduled to play the NFC West and the AFC West this year. Honestly, I was one of the people who thought it would make sense to schedule the NFC West games in the beginning of the season due to the fact that we don’t know if covid-19 will postpone the season. If the NFL would have scheduled those games first it wouldn’t interfere with divisional games that are more important and used to determine tiebreakers and playoff seeding. On Thursday that thought never came to fruition as the Buffalo Bills first two games of the season will be against two division opponents being the New York Jets and Miami Dolphins. Some people think that this is the NFL’s way of being confident in their season and that covid-19 will be minimized before the season starts. Here is the Buffalo Bills schedule for the 2020 NFL season.

Week 1: vs. New York Jets, Sunday, Sept. 13

Week 2: at Miami Dolphins, Sunday, Sept. 20

Week 3: vs. Los Angeles Rams, Sunday, Sept. 27

Week 4: at Las Vegas Raiders, Sunday, Oct. 4

Week 5: at Tennessee Titans, Sunday, Oct. 11

Week 6: vs. Kansas City Chiefs, Thursday, October 15 (TNF)

Week 7: at New York Jets, Sunday, October 25

Week 8: vs. New England Patriots, November 1

Week 9: vs. Seattle Seahawks, Sunday, November 8

Week 10: at Arizona Cardinals, Sunday, November 15

Week 11: BYE, Sunday, November 22

Week 12: vs. Los Angeles Chargers, Sunday, November 29

Week 13: at San Francisco 49ers, Monday, December 7 (MNF)

Week 14: vs. Pittsburgh Steelers, Sunday, December 13 (SNF)

Week 15: at Denver Broncos, Saturday, December 19 or Sunday, December 20

Week 16: at Patriots, Monday, December 28 (MNF)

Week 17: vs. Miami Dolphins, Sunday, January 3

Looking at the schedule it seems that the sports world is giving the Buffalo Bills are whole lot of respect as they have 4 Primetime games this season.  In the next article, I will give you an updated prediction on the 2020 season. Rise Up Right will also get into what should happen if people cannot attend the Buffalo Bills home games and who should attend these games if it is possible for people to attend.

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