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Buffalo Bills News 
As we all know covid-19 pandemic has put a strain on a lot of sporting activities. Currently the NFL would be going through OTAs as we speak but teams have been limited to virtual workouts and organized meetings with their respective teams which has given players alot of extra free time. In some cases, free time isn’t always good as 2 year defensive tackle Ed Oliver has found the media attention that an NFL player doesn’t want to find on Saturday night as Oliver was arrested in his hometown of Houston on charges of DWI and unlawfully carrying of a weapon. He was taken to Montgomery County jail as sources reported that the authorities received a tip from an anonymous driver that the 22 year old Oliver wasn’t maintaining his lane. Reports also stated that when he was detained that Oliver had a beer can between his legs and after he was removed from the vehicle, the police later found a pistol in the vehicle.
Ed Oliver is currently awaiting court date and has been allowed by the bills to continue the virtual program that is in place but be very mindful that the NFL will look to lay down discipline has the conduct violation may warrant Oliver a 2 to 4 game suspension. Reports have also stated that there were stipulations in Ed Oliver’s contract which specify that he could lose his guaranteed money if he is in fact suspended. There is something to be taken from this and it’s the fact that with power comes responsiblity.
People are watching the role models of today. Be responsible. Rise Up Right will be keeping a close eye on this matter as it unfolds.
In other news, the NFL has released an idea to provide incentives to NFL teams who hire minority coaches and general managers. According to NFL.com this idea would allow a team to move up 6 spots in the third round for hiring a minority coach or 10 spots in the third round for hiring people of color as its general manager. A team could also jump up 16 spots in the third round if they were to hire a minority coach and GM plus teams would get bonuses for keeping minorities in those positions. It is obvious that the NFL has taken the Rooney Rule for a joke and has not enforced the rule the way that it should have been enforced.
The NFL has at least 70% of its players coming from a “minority culture” but the NFL only has three minority coaches which is the same number of coaches the league had in 2003 when the Rooney Rule was adopted. The NFL only has two minority general managers. Those general managers are Andrew Berry of the Cleveland Browns organization and Chris Grier of the Miami Dolphins organization.
In my honest opinion I think this is a terrible idea, first and foremost it will not get rid of the racial stigmatism that has allowed to grow within the NFL hiring process. I could honestly see people saying well you only kept your job because you’re a minority which doesn’t help anything. The simple solution to this is to hire the person who is best fit for the job. By the way, this is a direct comment to the NFL. As my brother and colleague Marcus Betts would say “You don’t get credit for putting out fires that you started” and in this case you’re actually just putting more fuel to it.
Last week I stated that I would give you predictions on the Buffalo Bills schedule and I plan on doing just that on a week-to-week basis. I think it would be a whole lot more fun for me to break down game to game on why the bills will win or lose the upcoming games. So let’s start with Week 1.
The Buffalo Bills will go against the New York Jets on September 13th at home. The Bills will be looking to put the pieces together on offense. Josh Allen has been good at times and he has made some mistakes at times Brian Daboll has also been shaky with the play calling. Bills decided to give up their first-round draft pick to acquire Stefon Diggs and which should help Josh Allen get his beat ball game back. If Josh Allen can put those pieces together this often he should be able to put up 30 points a game.
Devin Singletary carried the ball at 5.2 yards per clip last year in which the Bills should be looking to keep an even balance of run and pass plays in this game.
The bills defense should be looking to improve on its run-stopping abilities against a team last year who couldn’t run the ball effectively.
Will Le’Veon Bell better his running abilities as he only averaged 3.2 yards-per-carry last season?
The defensive secondary with the addition of Josh Norman should be able to keep this team’s passing abilities at bay.
Bills Mafia should be standing and shouting for most of this game as the Buffalo Bills will win this one convincingly 31-14.
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