Positive Examples of Working Together Within Our Communities To Support Ourselves And Our Neighbors During The Covid-19 Crisis

“Here To Serve!”                                                                                                   Open Buffalo and the Fruit Belt  Community Land Trust  teamed up to help already struggling city neighborhoods being further impacted by the COVID-19 health crisis with a highly successful  distribution of  protective masks, nutritious food, and home disinfectants. According to Fruit belt Community Land Trust Executive Director  India Walton, volunteers

India Walton, Executive Director of the Fruit Belt Community Land Trust

delivered food to some 40 families  last Saturday.   The Fruit Belt Neighborhood is one of the oldest in the city, with more than 60% of its small population below the poverty line. Predominately African American, it is a demographic that continues to experience significant inequities, particularly when it comes to health and food security – a situation exacerbated by the COVID-19 crisis. Pictured above, India Walton, Executive Director of the Fruit Belt Community Land Trust, displays one of the food packages delivered to families in the Fruitbelt  neighborhood Saturday. (Challenger Photo)


Feed Buffalo, the city’s first healthy, organic and halal safe food pantry, had a successful food giveaway for the Ramadan food drive, feeding more than 163 fasting families in one week!  Drea D’Nur, owner/operator of this unique and very much needed healthy pantry, managed to successfully accomplish this with the help of her dedicated community volunteers and participant leaders who helped organize the orders. The pantry has had an outpouring of support in our City Of Good Neighbors.  D’Nur plans to open an Eastside location in the very near future.  Need food? Go to feed buffalo.org (Photo of feed buffalo owner/operator Drea d’Nur by Dr. Samina Raja )



Hats off to ABC Hardware & Rental, 3336 Bailey Avenue, where free masks and gloves were recently distributed to residents. ABC also provided supplies to Betty Jean Grant’s   one-woman  “Protect Yourself Against the Coronavirus” messaging  campaign. Sister Grant  secured a donation from ABC  for  the Challenger’s staff and drivers as well. Pictured above (left ) is owner Brett C. Begley and general manager John Koch. Great eighbors! (Challenger Photo)



Thanks to Buffalo Common Council President and Ellicott District Councilmember Darius Pridgen free disposable masks and gloves were handed out at  the JFK Center last Friday afternoon.  The distribution was for the Ellicott District’s most vulnerable residents, seniors, and those with pre-existing conditions and those who cannot afford or find masks.  Pictured above, Marc Pope, Chief of Staff to Common Council President   Pridgen,  gives a mask/gloves packet to a local resident. (Challenger Photo)

Grocery Donations for Buffalo Seniors 60 and Over

The Journey Church is doing an awesome job of making sure our seniors are fed!  Pastor Art Hall and  the Journey Church is sponsoring grocery donations for Buffalo seniors ages 60 and over. Groceries  will be delivered to your door, free of charge, during the shutdown due to the coronavirus.COVID-19 will not keep us down! We are here to serve you! For more information call (716) 202-0595.

Mask Giveaway

 A Mask. Giveaway sponsored by  Masten District Council Member Ulysees O. Wingo, Sr. and Open Buffalo took place at the Delavan Grider Community Center  and the Imperial parking lot on Kensington and Bailey last Saturday, where they ran out of masks at both locations! Pictured above from left: Franchelle Parker, Max Anderson, Todd Timmons and Danise Wilson. (Challenger Photo)


Columnist Eva M. Doyle  has organized a a porch lights campaign. She is asking the community to join her by turning   on their porch lights in memory of those individuals who have lost their lives or who are sick due to COVID-19. White lights are preferred but any lights that you have can be used either on your porch or in the window. This effort will extend from April 26, 2020 to May 1st in the evening  and every Sunday in May leading up to Memorial Day. For more information call 847-6010.


Community Activists Still at Work.                                                                   The Buffalo Peacemakers and Stop the Violence Coalition have been conducting a food giveaway every Wednesday at Genesee and Kilhoffer Streets from donated packages of breakfast and lunch food from the Buffalo Public Schools and other groups donating food to  the city’s needy.


WNY Hispanic American Veterans Deliver Dinners                                   The Western New York Hispanic American Veterans Memorial Inc, a group of area Hispanic Veterans of the United States Armed Forces, recently teamed up  with Nick Pitillo of Osteria l66 to provide more than 200 Italian dinners to Hispanic seniors on Buffalo’s lower West Side who have been home bound since the COVID-19 pandemic began last month. Deliveries took place at Los Tainos Senior Citizens Center and Lakeview On The Park.A monetary donation was  also sent to Veterans One-stop Ce nter of WNY, an organization which provides vital services to area veterans.


PUSH Buffalo Cancels April Rent For Tenants

In the wake of the Covid-19 crisis, PUSH Buffalo announced the  cancelation and forgiveness of April rent payments for all PUSH Buffalo residential and commercial tenants. This decision  positively impacted 99 residential and 5 commercial tenants. PUSH Buffalo is calling on developers and large landlords to take similar actions  to keep people in their homes and out of rental debt while they struggle to maintain the health and well-being of themselves and their families. Rahwa Ghirmatzion is  Executive Director of PUSH Buffalo


Volunteers Mobilize for Food Delivery

NFTA–Metro Bus and Rail, with the help of Senator Timothy M. Kennedy’s office, has teamed up with the Buffalo Board of Education and the Buffalo Peacemakers to deliver meals to students’ homes. NFTA-Metro will deliver in access of 150 meals every weekday for as long as needed, and is proud to serve the community.


If you know someone in the community doing things to support their neighbors please send us some info on our contact page . 

Stay Safe Community !