Parents Ask Governor to Commit to Never Return to Old Ways of Education Express Support for Reimagining Education Initiative

pictured/ concerned parents , at top Ducann Kirkwood , l/r Jessica Miller and Patricia Elliott of Buffalo NY

Parents held  a virtual press conference in support of Gov. Cuomo’s Reimagining Education initiative Monday, May 11. 

“Recently  WKBW ran a story that gave the impression that parents in Buffalo want to go back to how education was being done before COVID-19,” a press statement  released by the parents said. “The parents that were interviewed were not an accurate representation of the average district parent, both in race and school attendance type. The parent that was interviewed had a child that attended city honors and was non-Black.”

“Black parents make up the majority of the Buffalo school district and the majority of students do not attend the world-class school City Honors (that has been cited by the Office of Civil Rights for their lack of enrollment of Black students).”

During the press conference  two Black parent leaders gave their support to Gov. Cuomo’s initiative and explained why the education system was NOT working for the majority of Buffalo parents pre-COVID-19.

Their message: “Governor Cuomo, parents in Buffalo do not want to return to a system that does not work for the vast majority of children. We support your effort to reimagine education as long as we are imagining a system that works for the majority of children. Equity matters.”