Nearly 300 People Congregated For a Party When Fights Broke Out Mayor Warren Pleads for Street Fighting To Stop!

Mayor  Lovely Warren pleaded with residents of Rochester to stop the street fighting and violence that   plagued the community over the past  weekend where large crowds  gathered for parties that ended in violence.

Last Friday nearly 300 people congregated for a party near Boston Street and Joseph Avenue when fights broke out.

Rochester Police Department Chief L’lRon Singletary has warned that the department will not tolerate the violence.

Mayor Warren issued her plea  and condemnation from her personal facebook page. It read:

“All weekend the parties, the fights and shindigs. Each one trying to out do the other. For what? For your grandparent, parent or child to contract the virus?

“You must like what people say about our community. Calling us fools and spewing hateful rhetoric and other names. It breaks my heart to constantly hear…lock them up, throw tear gas on them, treat them like animals…put them in cages.

“Social Media fame is so important that you would risk exposing your family to a virus that could possibly kill them. 

“Our children deserve to see adults in this community acting better. The trauma they’re experiencing today will be with them for life. I’m not asking you to act better for me. I’m asking you to do better for our children. We will reap, what we sow.”

 On Sunday, several fights broke out simultaneously  resulting in two people being  hospitalized after the large fight led to a stabbing on Weyl Street and a man was stabbed on South Clinton Avenue.

Police also dispersed  crowds on North Clinton Avenue early Monday morning.

“There are no excuses for the nonsensical spate of behavior that some exhibited in our community,” Chief Singletary said in a statement. “The fights and the disruptive behavior that occurred are intolerable in nature and those involved should be embarrassed of the behavior exhibited.”

“Arrests and citations alone will not solve this problem,” he continued. “It is up to individuals to decide to act in a manner consistent with the values of our society.