Happy Mother’s Day to All of the Amazing Women Who Support Their Children, Families and Communities!

A Mother’s Love: pictured Local Choreographer and Dance Teacher Kendil Banks Shares a Kiss with Daughter Mia  / photo Cams Banks

Today people across the  country will celebrate, mourn, pray or say a loving  intention for their mothers.  Whether biological, adoptive  or something in between, mothers are given their moment to shine on this day.  Mother’s Day is an opportunity for us all to say thank you to the woman or women in our lives for all the ways they bring forth life in us.  

                                                                                               photos by Cams Banks

COVID-19 :Celebrating  Mother’s Day With  More Meaning    

This holiday, the  COVID-19 crisis will force us to  take much of  the focus off of consumerism and  take  into consideration   what really counts – expressing true  love   appreciation and gratitude. Here are a few ideas:

• Encourage mom to stay in bed to relax and whip up a yummy breakfast for her. Or decorate the dining table extra special for a nice Mother’s day breakfast or brunch.

•Read to her from  her favorite scripture or passage from her favorite book. 

•Set up a home spa with  a soothing foot soak, pedicure   and  a rejuvenating massage.  

•Take a family walk or bike ride in the neighborhood.  

•Write her a poem about how much she is appreciated and recite it to her. 

•Decorate the house with flowers in every room and do a little extra spring cleaning so she doesn’t have to. 

•Make handmade cards with the kids so everyone has  an opportunity to show how much they love her!   ~ staff writer