FREEDOM GARDENS: Using Plants to Both Heal Our Bodies and Our Community

(readers, send in the herbs, tonics, teas and foods that was passed down in your family that kept us healthy and we will share in forthcoming Challenger issue)

 by Gail Wells

Why a Freedom Garden? 

Freedom Gardens is a call to action to use our backyard and front yards to grow food! Freedom Gardens honors the integral role that Buffalo played in the Underground Railroad network. Freedom Gardens is a network designed to provide food security in areas that lack grocery stores and access to healthy foods. Freedom gardeners “grow” to control our destinies and to provide for our families while building a healing community that is healthy and well! A Freedom Garden is an opportunity to eradicate the inequities that exist in our current food system, to organize and mobilize for new solutions, document and share the healing methods that were used by our ancestors and to do for self and not wait upon others to save us.

Getting Real

We have lived through and survived many crises and turbulent times in our history. We survived them all using our collective ingenuity and creativity. How did we “heal” from disease when there was no doctor to call or hospital to go to when we were sick? We identified the plants to heal and give us nourishment and the knowledge of how these plants could be used!

In our application for free gardens through Freedom Gardens, we had over 330+ applicants and now 50 gardens are being disseminated to the community, and additional fundraising is underway to be able to disseminate more free gardens to those applicants.

Using Plants to Heal

During this pandemic we need to build up our immune systems! Not by taking pills (vitamins), but by using time tested remedies that our grandparents used to stay healthy! Please email me (Gail Wells) at with the herbs, tonics, teas and foods that was passed down in your family that kept us healthy. We will share in next weeks Challenger