Does One Need A Permit To Save Lives? Who Gave the Order to Shut Down Betty  Jean Grant’s Lifesaving Efforts?

By now, everyone knows that  Betty Jean Grant has been in the forefront of  consistently reaching out to this community and ensuring as best she  can, that everyday people are equipped with  life-saving masks, gloves and sanitizers during this COVID-19 pandemic. Armed with sheer  determination and commitment, she braves the elements and rides through town urging people to follow the safety guidelines. Her donors and supporters  are many and the base grows with each act of  genuine leadership.

Last Saturday morning she  revealed on her radio program, “The Red Black and Green Show,” which she co-hosts with  her daughter Sherry Sherrill, that during a recent giveaway at the Broadway Market she was approached by an officer and ordered to shut  it down because she did not have a permit. With at least 100 people still waiting in  line, Betty Jean Grant,  in true “We Are Women Warriors”  form,  adamantly refused. “I told  him I would go to jail if I had to,” she said. Fortunately the officer was decent, and finally suggested that she move her giveaway to a parking lot across the street – which she did. She said she asked if the order came from the Police Commissioner, to which the offer replied  that it did not. “He said it came from downtown.”

There are giveaways going on almost daily from masks to free food. Has anyone else been threatened to halt their activity because of lack of a permit?  Does one need a permit to save lives? 

So who gave the order to shut Betty Jean Grant down? And why?