Death of George Floyd Ignites Nation Wide Protests as Minnesota Burns

For the past 3 days protests have grown nation wide igniting global outrage in the death of George Floyd a Black man  who was killed by  a white Minneapolis Police officer Derek Chauvin with the assistance of 3 others in front  of a crowd of people recording the incident . Officer Chauvin  pressed his knee into Floyds neck for more than 8 minutes  pinning him to the ground while Floyd pleaded for his life, telling the officer “I Can’t Breathe” crying for help .  

The four officers involved were fired  however no charges have been filed causing outrage by groups of protestors around the world f and after Thursdays press conference, demonstrations grew throughout the day  and into the night in Minneapolis and St. Paul  erupting in a number of businesses burning including the Minneapolis 3rd Precinct .  

Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey declared a state of emergency Thursday as protests raged into Friday and a police station and other buildings burned in the tension-filled city where an African American man died in police custody Monday night.

Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz called out the National Guard to try to prevent further violence. Five hundred soldiers of the National Guard were activated and deployed to Minneapolis and St Paul and surrounding communities.

Mr. Trump on Friday called protesters in Minneapolis “thugs” and vowed that “when the looting starts, the shooting starts.” Ellison called on Mr. Trump and others to stop the angry rhetoric saying that “calling people thugs and calling on people to get shot” stems from the same kind of attitude that resulted in George Floyd’s death, in an interview with “CBS This Morning” Friday.  

 Tim Walz in todays   press conference  said he is pushing for a ‘full and fair expeditious investigation that will bring us closer to justice  “My expectation ” that justice in Floyd’s death will be Swift saying  his  first responsibility  is safety of all citizens  but that he can’t address problems  “If anarchy reigns”. 

Also this Friday, Omar Jimenez who was covering the unrest in Minneapolis along with his crew were arrested  while reporting on air. Jimenez repeatedly identified himself as a reporter before being arrested and also said that the crew had been in “verbal contact” with officers before their arrest. The Governor apologized for the misunderstanding  and encourages press to continue show the world what is happening through their lens. 

John Harrington who is MN Department of Public Safety Commission did say he will call the incident that ended in the death of George Floyd  like he sees it “murder”   also confirming they don’t condone the burning and looting of buildings and businesses and that there have been arrests n the past 24 hours. 

Stars and activists spoke today in demand for the arrests and charges in Floyd’s death. Leslie Edmond President of NAACP Minneapolis spoke out “Black Minnesota is done dying and white Minnesota is done hiding ” Social Justice Advocate Tamika Mallory stated clearly that Black America is In A State of Emergency. 

*Minutes into the the CNN report breaking news reported that officer who held his knee into Floyds neck has been taken into custody. 

~more updates as the story progresses