Dear Editor: A Message of Support for Patrick Freeman and the Minor Football League

Dear Editor:

The Minor Football League (MFL) has been in existence since 1993 and has continued to grow since its inception. It is a professional minor league and has changed the game of football on and off the field by taking players from the field to the front office. 

Our own, R.W. Patrick H. Freeman, a member of St. John’s Lodge #16, has been recently named as General Manager of the Rochester Chargers of the Minor Football League. 

The league comes with various programs that will benefit the Rochester community, such as No Thugs, No Drugs, Early Youth Offenders Program, Conflict Resolution, and Athlete’s in Motion. 

The League continues to provide Integrity, Commitment and Excellence in all they do. I encourage all of us to give our full support to R. W. Patrick H. Freeman and The Minor Football League Rochester Chargers.

Walter C. King, Jr.

58th  Grand Master

The Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge

State of New York