Community Health Center Of Buffalo, Inc. “SHEROES ON THE FRONT LINE”

pictured above from left to right: Samantha Kulu, RN; Rudo Mushongo, Director of Nursing; and Wasa Murphy, RN.

Dedicated  staff members Samantha Kulu, RN; Rudo Mushongo, Director of Nursing and  Wasa Murphy, RN, are just a few of the “heroes and Sheroes” of the Community Health Center of Buffalo who are working to save lives throughout Erie and Niagara Counties.  

They are part of the CHCB COVID-19 Team.  They all have families.  They all have bills.  They all have responsibilities, but when their workday ends, their other lives begin. They are mothers, fathers, aunties, Muslims, Christians, girlfriends, husbands, brothers, wives, sisters, and sista’s, each living life with the hands they’ve been dealt.  What do they all have in common other than their profession and their place of employment?  They lay their lives on the line every day for the community and people they love.

Whether it’s working weekends or 12-hour shifts, in the performance of their daily duties, these professionals encounter the deadliest killer on the face of the planet – COVID-19.  Last week, this team of brave health care professionals conducted over 500 COVID-19 tests on the CHCB Mobile Unit in Buffalo and Niagara Falls.  In addition to performing COVID-19 diagnostic testing, they comforted people afraid of compromising the health of their children or elderly parents at home.  They assured fellow employees, and other health care professionals who came for tests, that their results would be available in 3-4 business days and shared helpful hints on how to quarantine.    

The Community Health Center of Buffalo Mobile Unit conducts COVID-19 Testing every Tuesday and Wednesday at 34 Benwood in Buffalo and every Thursday at 2715 Highland Avenue, Niagara Falls.  Call (716) 986-9199, ext. 5907 to schedule an appointment.  

Please join the Community Health Center of Buffalo, friends, family and community leaders in saying thank you to these Sheroes and the entire CHCB COVID-19 Team as they fight the good fight on the COVID-19 battlefield.  Well done Sheroes! Well done Team!

Submitted By Karla Thomas, Director of Marketing, Community Health Center of Buffalo