“A Message To Our Young People”

The weather is breaking and everybody wants to be outside. We Get It. But COVID-19 IS STILL HERE AND PEOPLE ARE GETTING SICK AND DYING EVERY DAY! If you  are not concerned about your own well being, at least gjve your loved  ones  and other persons you may live with, a fighting chance to avoid contracting the dreaded Coronavirus.

by Betty Jean Grant 

I understand how hard this self- and county- imposed social distancing has been for you. With the malls, theaters, night clubs, sporting and entertainment events closed, many of you are bored to death. There is no relief from home confinement, because most of you are either furloughed from your job, are laid off, or are working from home.

The City of Buffalo has been shut down so rigidly, that it seems the only establishments open are hospitals, nursing homes, liquor stores, and the corner delicatessens. You are either home alone with your stay-at-home school children, or you are living 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with parents or grandparents who are as tired and bored as you from the new way of life we are living to help reduce the level of infection from COVID 19. So, when the government released the first batch of stimulus checks, a few weeks ago, many of you were itching to go out, to celebrate, and to release weeks of pent up energy. But there was nowhere to go, and parents were not going to allow you to bring all your friends, (and potentially their COVID 19 infection), into their homes.

Somewhere down the line, someone thought it would be a good idea to go to the local We Pump Your Gas   station, and  gather there for a party that did not require social distancing, or the wearing of masks, or the use of hand sanitizer. 

We now understand that was not a good idea, because some of you did not know that the Coronavirus has been deemed to be airborne, or that one could contract it and carry it back home to one’s elderly or immune\or-compromised parents or grandparents. It is these latter, who seem to be the most at risk for getting sick or dying from the Coronavirus!

This community is not saying you should not go out and have fun (without the fighting please)!  What we are saying is, because so little is known about this virus, and there is no way your love ones can protect themselves through a vaccine that has yet to be discovered, we all need to do all we can to not bring home a virus that can kill our loved ones and  family members…and we ourselves.

If you party-people are not concerned about your own wellbeing, at least give your loved  ones and  relatives, and other persons you may live with, a fighting chance to avoid contracting the dreaded Coronavirus.