WUFO’s “Talk Show Saturdays” Provide Important Voice During COVID-19 Crisis

WUFO Power 96.5 Radio  has proven itself to be an important source of  information for  Buffalo’s Black community during the COVID-19 Crisis. The March 28th  broadcasts were a good example.

-Bethesda World Harvest-

Pastor Michael A. Badger  presented a guest   who worked as a professional cleaner specializing in anti-viral and anti-bacterial cleaning. In addition, the show featured a regular guest   Dr. Frances Ilozue, MD who  stressed the importance of social distancing, the washing of hands    and staying in touch with one’s primary physician at the first sign of feeling ill or exhibiting any of the signs of possible COVID-19 (cough fever, tiredness, difficulty breathing). She had praise for first responders, especially the doctors and nurses in the hospitals and assured that their health and safety are a priority.

Rev. Badger  ended the show on a political note: “We need a mature leader at this  point we don’t need  a politician trying to re-run for office,”  he said referring to President Trump.   

Bethesda World Harvest airs at 9 a.m.  

-A Woman’s Word –

A Woman’s Word airs every second and fourth  Saturdayat 11 a.m. and regularly  incorporates spiritual knowledge and perspectives  in discussing  relevant issues. Co-host, Elder   Jennifer Strickland,  who is also a teacher and writer,  pointed out the positives about home schooling across the city   as a result of the school closings in the wake of the coronavirus health crisis. “We have to find the positive in all  things that appear to be negative,” she said, adding that she was  “thankful children are spending time at home with parents” and vice versa.  She encouraged parents to “hang in there.”  The crisis, she assured,  is “introducing a whole new way of educating our children .”

“The best thing we can say is STAY HOME. It’s a God thing,”  said host Pastor Janice Fisher. “Everything’s been out of order but now God is getting things in order….”

In addition to Elder Strickland, Elder Sister Alethea Davis is also a co-host.

-Buffalo On Fire-

Buffalo On Fire, which airs at 10 a.m. is co-hosted by Attorney Anthony Pendergrass and Rev. Kenzir M. Pointer. Their topic was also    the coronavirus and its impact on the community.    Pastor George Nicholas, MDiv, Senior Pastor, Lincoln Memorial United Methodist and co-convener of The African American Health Equity Task Force, called in and sounded the alarm.

When people hear the term “at risk” populations,  said Pastor Nicholas, they normally think of the elderly. 

“However the CDC points out that heart disease, lung disease, asthma , diabetes, a compromised  immune systems from having cancer, and obesity are risk factors as well,” he said.

 In Western New York African Americans are more likely  than Whites to suffer these illnesses.

“When  you have a culture that discounts or diminishes the humanity of one entire community based on  their race or ethnicity –  the bi-product  of it are these health disparities,” said Rev. Nicholas.

The Health Equity Task Force all but predicted the recent increase of Black COVID-19  cases  and deaths locally.