Rochester Assistant Principal in Need of Life Saving Transplant African American Donors Needed to Find Best Match

 Rochester native and assistant principal of the Children’s School of Rochester, Shawn Walker, has a rare type of leukemia and in need of a life- saving transplant. 

Shawn Walker is currently in bone marrow failure which means her bone marrow can no longer produce enough oxygen-rich red blood cells to keep her alive, making her completely reliant on blood transfusions. 

A mother of two, Shawn is a dedicated Rochester native and educator of 34 years in the Rochester City School Distric. She has    positively impacted many young lives working her way up to assistant principal at the Children’s School of Rochester.

Four years ago Shawn was diagnosed with leukemia and a recent doctors visit revealed  that none of the medications they have been trying are working. 

The only thing that will save her life is a bone marrow or stem cell transplant. That means she has to find a living donor who is a match, however a match  is beyond just matching blood type.  The DNA markers on a donor’s cells must match Shawn’s in order to work. 

Most matches are found within the same ethnic group or race so if you are African American and reading this you may be able to help save Shawn’s life by checking to see if you are a match.  

You can register with Be The Match at or another called DKMS at  to find out if you are a match.

It’s Important to also note that these experts also find that younger donors have the highest success rate so people between the ages of 18 –-55 are good candidates however each registrar is different so it’s important to go to their websites for more details.