“Let The Horns Say Amen”

challenger staff reporter

At times the sound   was almost deafening  as believers  “shouted”  Amen  from behind the wheels of their cars  by blowing their horns. Welcome to Easter Sunday Service in the age of the Coronavirus Pandemic in Buffalo, New York. And leave it to Bishop Darius A. Pridgen, pastor of True Bethel Baptist Church, to successfully organize and conduct  such an alternative – if not controversial – event  in the church parking lot. Bishop Pridgen, who battled COVID19 along with three of his children who are  all healing, was a living testimony to God’s grace and mercy. 

Bishop Darius Pridgen during his Easter Sunday Sermon in mask holding bible from a stage to parked cars where people stayed safe as he preached to the community  and praise dancers and gospel choir amplified the praise and worship for those in attendance .                                                                                                          







It was not, he acknowledged, “your typical worship service.” But Easter Sunday was never one that was easy or pretty, he  added. His Easter outfit as he spoke from the outdoor stage, was complete with a surgical mask and gloves, as were the ushers and members who joined him. Attendees remained in their vehicles. Preaching from Matthew 28:1, his message of redemption and the awesome power of God, who during this crisis he said, is ushering “a new day in the Earth,”  was electrifying and profound. “God will never fail you,” he intoned at one point. “Somebody blow your horn…”