Incase You Don’t Know: “COIVID-19 Pause” Extended Gov. Cuomo Implements MASKS ARE MANDATORY!

New York is the epicenter of the United States’ COVID-19 cases, with over 200,000 confirmed cases and over 11,000 deaths. Because of these staggering numbers,  Gov. Andrew Cuomo is implementing an order requiring all residents of the state to wear masks when in public. If you don’t have a hospital mask (and not many people do), a bandana or scarf will do, says the Governor. He also announced   that he is extending his “New York PAUSE” initiative until May 15.

Wearing The Mask: Do’s, Don’ts and Safety Tips


•Don’t wear the mask below your nose

•Don’t leave your chin exposed

•Don’t Wear your mask loosely with gaps on the sides

•Don’t wear your mask so it covers just the tip of your nose

•Don’t push your mask under your chin to rest on your neck


•Do wear your mask so it comes all the way up, close to the bridge of your nose and all the way down under your chin. •Do your best to tighten the loops or ties   so its snug around your face, without gaps.


•Always wash your hands before and after wearing a mask.

•Use the ties or loops put your mask on and pull it off.

•Don’t touch the front of the mask when you take it off.

•For apartment dwellers, put the mask on and remove  it while inside your home. Elevators and stairwells can be high-contamination areas

•Wash and dry your cloth mask daily and keep it in a clean, dry place